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Emigrated in 1996, fatefully, I found myself in a furniture factory “Archangelos”, in the city of Athens, for production of kitchens, doors, furniture with solid wood, veneer, MDF and others. With my initial steps in as grinder in the painting workshop, I realized realized that need to be very precise because every detail passed through my hands will be in front of people’s eyes for life. I had pretty severe moments because the quality that my colleagues were reaching with ease, didn’t got to me easy. But with perseverance and discipline every day for me was school which was advancing and I become more confident. We worked for 13 hours a day, Saturday to 14:00. One day at work in progress as I abraded a detail, I was tired and I closed my eyes for a bit… and I fall asleep… accidentally. our boss passed by and told me to go after he woke me up… Thanks to successfully handling my work so far, while I was changing clothes, they told me to stay at work. From the next day Oworked 12 hours a day. After a while, my productivity increase and my mistakes lessened, I already knew quite well the processes of work and decided to ask for a salary increase. I was refused. Then I left the current work and I started working in a factory for painting furniture “Joseph Lazaros” in the city of Athens. The challenge was even greater. Specialized place for painting and renovation of old furniture. They were calling me Giorgos meeting our Georgi, but sometimes Stoichkov which further obliged me to be excellent in my work and my relationships with colleagues, taking into account the achievements of Hristo Stoichkov. Work was 12 hours a day, August even more. There was born my dream for a place to create what I like – painting furniture in all variants forms and colors boundlessness that comes with time. In one of my summer holidays in Bulgaria I decided to take the step forward and to return home. So I started working in “Fabriano”, Sofia. The first day, as I work, at 10:00 everybody stoped working and went to rest for 15 minutes… I thought it was a freshman joke… in Greece we rested 30 minutes for lunch. The break repeated in 15:00. I began to like the working conditions in Bulgaria. Although still was grinder, my dream was passing through the spray gun. I had little experience in Greece but the volume of work were big and learning was not possible. In “Fabriano” I had the opportunity to dive into painting with water-based vapor, pleasant thanks to the producers of “IKA”. But the dream was drawing me and we lived next to her, thought to be my birthplace Sliven. I returned from emigration and started working in “Nachevi” Sliven – furniture and sofas. I worked as a painter with ideal conditions for retirement – working time, holidays, canteen, colleagues. But it was time for a new challenge and found it in “Gurtsov” Sliven production of bathroom furniture. To complete the challenge, I started working on another place “Penevi 45” Gergevets village, Sliven – production of doors. With the commitments I had no right to say “no” in terms of work behind me standing arrangements for orders, even fates. Over time, the density of working hours wasn’t giving me the opportunity to materialize my dream. I had to make a choice and so I stayed only at one job. While walking around the different locations suitable for the idea – Painting of furniture remained one – Kovachite village, municipality of Sliven. Birthplace of my favorite grandmother and grandfather – Minka Nichola – God forgive them. Thus was born ST “Gogata – Georgi Kondev Georgiev”, I applied for a loan with an approved project. Converted to an existing building for the needs of workshop for painting wooden details. So the dream was materialized and ongoing. After a while ST – it was re-registered in “Gogata 2010” LTD. So I started work as a subcontractor orders in furniture production. Over the years experience with various companies and collaboration with professionals in the industry it’s time for a new challenge – display of “New Ideas” consisting of various painting techniques and technologies, everything related to wood to be protective coating and this to be realized as furniture various furniture – kitchen, living room, favorite places and others.