New Ideas from M.D.F. are filled with effective techniques and paints. The protective coating is a high-end multi-polished gloss to retain its luster ever used in a loving environment. This loving environment must be created by you if it’s not existing, after taking the selected idea in your home. The temperature summer – winter it good to not be in large differences. Cold home they are”shrinking”, in warm they are”relaxing”. This affects the gloss. The furniture is alive and serve us still after the transformation we have undergone them from tree to our home. Maintenance of furniture in time has to be perform with a clean cotton cloth. Depending on where the light comes on some Ideas from M.D.F., it displays and different life in them. After a period of time in violation degree of gloss caused by improper maintenance or other reasons, the gloss will be recovered. So we remain committed and bound with you.